Quick Home Painting With the Wagner Power Painter

Imagine being able to paint the walls of a 10 foot by 10 foot room in less than 15 minutes, then you will understand the appeal of painting devices like the Wagner Power Painter. Made by the Wagner company, this sprayer has a 1.5 quart paint cup and a built-in air supply that removes the need for an expensive compressor – it is an “all in one” device that even includes a five foot hose that sucks paint out of an ordinary paint can in order to spray it in an even coat on your coloring project.

Measuring 17 inches high and weighing several pounds when full, the Wagner 0525032 EZ Tilt 7.2 GPH Power Painter Max featuring Optimus Dual Tip Technology is easy to maneuver for small scale or casual projects, yet offers professional results. Drips and runs can be avoided completely by moving quickly, since application is wet but far more even and precise than a brush could ever offer. With two light but thorough coats, the machine furnishes a professional-quality paint job totally without dribbles or brush marks.

Loading the Wagner EZ Tilt Power Painter with the material you need for your project is easy. Any semi-liquid material – that is, with a “paint consistency” or thinner – can be processed through the machine’s innards and sprayed onto the surface you are working on. Latex paint – both indoor and outdoor – sealers, stains, and oil paint are all handled well by this sprayer. Whether you’re painting the walls of your bedroom or the posts of your gazebo, this Painter will do its work properly.

For smaller projects, the device offers the option of attaching the paint cup, which holds 1.5 quarts, and possibly using the lower of the two electronic speed control settings to spray a narrower, more precise area. This is enough for a bit of trim, painting a new door or shutters, or other limited tasks. The paint cup twists and locks into place so that you know it will not fall off or open at an unfortunate moment.

When large volumes of paint are needed – to paint walls or ceilings, a deck or porch on the front of your house, or the exterior of a garden shed, for example – other options are readily available. The Optimus dual tip nozzle keeps the spray controlled and accurate even when you have set the Wagner Painter’s speed control on its higher setting. In this case, you will likely need more than 1.5 quarts of paint, so you can detach the paint cup and attach the five foot flexible hose that comes with the device. This hose will slurp paint up from a regular can if you place its open end into it, and no matter what the angle you hold the sprayer at, the paint will continue to flow properly. User reports confirm that the Wagner EZ Tilt lives up to its name solidly, and it is indeed possible to spray paint smoothly in any direction – up, down, straight, or angled up or down at less than 90 degrees.

The machine’s flaws are mostly unavoidable due to the limits of today’s technology. The device runs loud, since it is serving as both sprayer and compressor, but some users have noted that even a pair of ear buds or music player is enough to drown out the uproar. If you point the sprayer at one point over several seconds, you will get runs, but those who keep moving will not encounter this problem.

Cleanup is the most troublesome part of the Wagner Power Painter’s performance. The painter must be disassembled, soaked, and scrubbed with the two included brushes (one soft plastic and one hard wire) immediately after use if it is not to solidify into a doorstop. This takes up to half an hour, though fortunately, reassembly is quick and straightforward.

Most users agree that the Wagner implement is a great way to get smooth, velvety paint jobs in an amazingly short time for the home improvement enthusiast. Your time is precious, and the EZ Tilt Painter preserves it while giving you topnotch results.